Wednesday, 28 July 2010

What is 'Tatting'?

Well, the next stage was finding out what on earth 'Tatting' was.  I had never come across this term and thought initially it was some method of crochetting that I had just not come across yet.  The more I looked on the internet, the more I started to get quite excited - yes, it surprised me too!

I have to admit I didn't spend too long reading about it as I was too caught up in examining the pictures of people's work.  However, I did keep coming across the word 'shuttle' enough times to make me wonder if you needed some form of loom. 

This spurred me on even more since it stirred sentimental feelings of being connect with departed relations.  My Grandfather used to own a bobbin making factory and I had inherited various weaving remnants/items from that time including shuttles (however these are from the big old weaving looms and would be comfortable for a giant to use for tatting!). 

I allowed myself to feel I was following destiny and 'on the right track'.

Monday, 26 July 2010

How it all started...

I haven't posted for a long time, but I have been using that time wisely (honest!).  I have finally found my mojo with tatting.  Over the next lot of posts, I am going to give you a guide through my learnings and hopefully it will be of use to anyone that falls over my blog!

Let me start from the beginning...
I started with crochet about 6 years ago.  I was self taught and I loved the patterns that could be done with crochet but as I became more and more immersed, I realised that it wasn't touching on the detail I desired.  That was until I stumbled onto the Asphyxiation Choker pattern on the Anticraft website. 

Asphyxiation Choker found at !The Anticraft!
I felt I had finally found the type of look I had been craving to make.  However, patterns weren't forthcoming and I couldn't find any more that quenched my thirst (by the way, if anyone does find any more patterns which have a similar look/motif for crochet, I would be deeply grateful). 

After looking through many, many patterns online, in April 2010, I finally found TotusMel's website and felt I was finally home.  I had found the amount of detail I wanted and in a form that was wearable for today (and not something that would look unusual outside the 1950's.  But how was it made?  Was it difficult?  Would it be do-able for me?  Where could I get hold of the crochet patterns...oh no, wait! 

What on earth was 'TATTING'?

The search continued ...

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Down the Rabbit Hole

Hi... to anyone that has followed me down the rabbit hole.  I must say, this early on, it is a little dark down here but hopefully I will find others like me that will help to light the way.

Using this blog, I hope to be able to explain my journey of learning and designing tatting.  Just as soon as I have figured out how to work this blog...

I hope to be back soon having found sense in all this madness.