Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Down the Rabbit Hole

Hi... to anyone that has followed me down the rabbit hole.  I must say, this early on, it is a little dark down here but hopefully I will find others like me that will help to light the way.

Using this blog, I hope to be able to explain my journey of learning and designing tatting.  Just as soon as I have figured out how to work this blog...

I hope to be back soon having found sense in all this madness.


  1. You will find peace knowing that you are not alone. However there are some who will help you. Some who will listen. Even some who will laugh with you & not at you. So don't give up. Instead follow your heart. Just remember sometimes one must do things over & figure out the hows. Sometimes one must undo stitches, chains & yes even rings. But that's ok cause it's worth getting what you want to look how you want it to.

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