Wednesday, 28 July 2010

What is 'Tatting'?

Well, the next stage was finding out what on earth 'Tatting' was.  I had never come across this term and thought initially it was some method of crochetting that I had just not come across yet.  The more I looked on the internet, the more I started to get quite excited - yes, it surprised me too!

I have to admit I didn't spend too long reading about it as I was too caught up in examining the pictures of people's work.  However, I did keep coming across the word 'shuttle' enough times to make me wonder if you needed some form of loom. 

This spurred me on even more since it stirred sentimental feelings of being connect with departed relations.  My Grandfather used to own a bobbin making factory and I had inherited various weaving remnants/items from that time including shuttles (however these are from the big old weaving looms and would be comfortable for a giant to use for tatting!). 

I allowed myself to feel I was following destiny and 'on the right track'.


  1. Tatting is traditionally done with a shuttle which is purely a device to hold thread. It doesn't 'do' anything magic!!!! That's up to the person making the small knots!!! Here are a few of the things you can make!!!

  2. Thanks Jane - I think I found a lot of the websites you listed but it is a good reference point for people wanting to find out more.

  3. Like Jane said, shuttle is a tatting device to make small knots. Once you learn the basics it is truly magical and honestly addicting. I myself use tatting needle to do my work and you can learn it too. There is many great tutorials online to start with. Mine is on youtube with needle. Good luck and welcome to our family of tatting lovers :)

  4. Hi Agasunset - Thanks for info on your tutorial, I will definitely look it up. Love your blog by the way!